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I, Shivanantha Sharma, the Fourth Generation in the hierarchywith 15 years of experience and started to follow my grandfather Shri. RamaKrishna Iyer and my Father Shri. BalaSubramaniya Iyer’s foot prints on all the poojas and homams as per the vedic rules and Regulations. They are my gurus who taught all the rituals and Parihara homams as per the Sastras of the Vedic regulations. We are a well-known orthodox Gurukkal family from Shenkottai Tenkasi District and our Kula Deivamtemple is Dharma Sastha (Kutralam Temple).

We are experts in Hindu customs to perform all the rituals associated with Pooja and other Parihara Homams for several Occasions. We are known for our divinity and quality service. The services we provide are Astrology benefits, Writing Jadhaga Kurippu, Numerology, Muhurtham Date Fixing, Star Matching, finding horoscope, yearly horoscope, lucky numbers & names, Kerala traditional prasanam. Find Us by Searching Sree Chakra Jothisham, Sree Chakra Jyothisham in Madurai, Top and Best Jothidar in Madurai, Jothidam in Madurai, Astrologer in Madurai, Best Astrologer in Madurai, Numerologist in Madurai, Madurai Jothidar, Best Jothidar in Thirupparankundram, Chozhi Prasannam in Madurai, Chozhi Or Shells Prashnam in Madurai, Choli Prasannam in Madurai, Choli Prasnam Astrologer in Tamilnadu, Ashtamangala Prasnam Astrologer in Tamilnadu, Kerala Prashnam, Temple Prashnam in Madurai and many more.

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We Provide our services like Horoscope benefits, Dosha Nivarti pujas, Generation Doshas will all be remedied, Zodiac stones and Zodiac numbers will be given, Idol worships, Kumbabhishek worships are all done, Parikara Pujas and Homas will be conducted, Marriage barriers, family troubles, career problems, problems caused by evil forces will all be addressed and remedied.


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